Photo by Christine Comstock

Photo by Christine Comstock

Brooke Smart

Hi! My name is Brooke.

I started my artistic career as a fine artist, painting the beautiful people around me, but my style and life has changed so much since then.

I’m an illustrator, and I love being an illustrator. I love telling stories from my head, or stories from other people’s heads, or stories from history. I’ve always loved to read and my books are some of my greatest treasures. The opportunity has come to begin illustrating my own books and I couldn’t be happier. I love working with traditional media, especially with watercolor, gouache, and on occasion, acrylic paint. My work appears in children’s magazines, children’s books, but also on cards and other learning materials.

I am divorced, but recently remarried. I’m so lucky to have my husband. He is kind, selfless, and shares my love for creating. He’s a part of much of my work and I’m grateful for his support. We have three children between the two of us and are living the sleepless, happy, busy, busy dream right now. I’ve truly stumbled into heaven with this new family of ours.

Some of my clients include Random House Kids, Penguin Workshop, Viking, Greystone Kids, Little Tiger UK, Little Brown UK, Peachtree Publishing, The New York Times, Bravery Magazine, Illustoria Magazine, Gathre, Wildbird, and Better Days 2020.

For inquiries regarding book illustration, please contact Teresa Kietlinski at Bookmark Literary at For all other inquiries, or commissions, please contact Brooke at